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When you experience a fracture, it’s vital that the bone heals properly and remains in its original position. Although there are several treatments for broken ankles, wrists, shoulders, knees and hips, every situation is unique. Learn which surgery is right for you.




Did you know that a fractured bone and a broken bone are the same thing? That’s right, there is no difference between the two names.

Specific treatment of broken bones depends on a variety of factors, including the severity, location and type of recovery required for each fracture. Fractures like people are individual. While certain bones are able to heal through wearing a cast, others require invasive procedures, such as bone fracture repair. However, if you are in need of fracture surgery, your major concern should be receiving care from a first-rate physician and treating your injury or condition with the attention it deserves.


From his days at Charity Hospital in New Orleans to taking call in Southwest Louisiana, Dr. Alan Hinton has seen it and done it all. Dr. Hinton has a proven track record performing fracture surgeries that result in full recoveries for his patients. 


If you are in need of bone repair or fracture surgery, simply give us a call or schedule a consultation to learn how we can help.

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