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Surrounded by a complex system of tendons, muscle, cartilage and ligaments, your knees are prone to a variety of injuries and diseases. If you’re experiencing pain, exploring surgery options might be your next step.




The knee is a critical joint in the body that can be injured or worn down over time. In the case that you require a knee replacement, you want to make sure your joint receives the top care and attention that it deserves.


As joint replacement specialist, we provide a level of care and expertise that is simply unmatched. Dr. Alan Hinton has a proven track record with knee replacements and has produced successful results for decades. Dr. Hinton specializes in rapid recovery from knee replacement surgery, most patients spend one night in the hospital following replacement. It has been clearly shown that recovery in the home is better and more comfortable for the patient. Patients consistently report that they have peace-of-mind that they are in the best hands possible.


If you would like to start living your life again without being limited by your knee pain, give us a call today to learn how we can help.


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