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As one of the most unique joints in the human body, the hip is responsible for holding our body weight while we stand, walk, run and sit. If you experience pain, especially groin pain, don’t hesitate to consult Dr. Hinton to learn more about injuries and symptoms of osteoarthritis.



Because the hip is so critical to everyday life, having strong painless hips that support your body and provide stability is absolutely essential. If you are in need of a hip replacement, your main focus should be getting the best care available and ensuring your joints are receiving the attention they deserve.

Because of Dr. Hinton’s commitment to providing the best possible care, he has elevated his skill by learning the anterior approach to hip replacement from Dr. Joel Matta in Santa Monica, California. The anterior approach allows for much less pain in the initial recovery period and reduces the risk of dislocation and limp. By combining the anterior approach with computer radiographic assistance, Dr. Hinton can place the new hip joint with ultimate precision. Dr. Alan Hinton has a proven track record performing anterior approach hip replacements that result in life-changing experiences for his patients. 


If you’re ready to reclaim your life without being limited by hip pain, give us a call or schedule a consultation to learn how we can help.



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