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As the most unstable joint in the body, your shoulder’s range of motion, flexibility and soft tissues make it highly susceptible to injury. Having shoulder pain? Don’t shrug it off. Learn more about your options and the benefits of surgery.




The shoulder is an important joint in your body, and one that can slowly break down over time or be injured in an instant. Unfortunately this can result in constant pain and severe loss of motion. If you are in need of a shoulder replacement, your primary concern should be that your joint and body is receiving the highest the level of care and receiving the attention that it deserves.


As a shoulder replacement specialist, Hinton Orthopedics provides the highest level of care and expertise in the Lake Charles area. Dr. Alan Hinton excels at restoring your shoulder function and eliminating pain. Dr. Hinton understands how important it is to continue to live independently. He has a proven track record performing shoulder replacements and seeing unparalleled results in his patients.


If you would like to live your life again without being limited by your shoulder pain, give us a call or schedule a consultation to learn how we can help.


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