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Hello, Is anyone there?? If so welcome the Blog!

Today June 14th, it is a typical Sunday afternoon I have been to church and had family lunch (just me and Bridget today), now is the usual time I sit and think of what I need to be doing.

First on my mind is preparing for the American Orthopedic Society of Sports Medicine AOSSM July 9-12. I have a poster to present on a study I did there in Lake Charles two years ago. The study looked at the safety and efficacy of a surgical release technique in knee arthroscopy. Basically the release makes it easier to do knee scopes and protects the patient form injury. I gave a talk on this technique in Los Angeles back in April at the Arthroscopy Association of North America AANA meeting. I really like to interact with the other physicians around the country and world, to see what is new and stay current with the latest technology and techniques. While I do enjoy this sort of thing it is kind of painful to leave twice in one year (I miss being home).

I just finished surgery on the last pig in my meniscal transplant study. I have some knees harvested but it will be at least 6 months before I am ready to look at all the knees in the transplant study. I am in the process of purchasing 8 more pigs for the stem cell phase of meniscal study at McNeese. The study group consists of Doctors Ted Shope, “Chip” Lemieux, Sam Monticello, and me along with Lauren Vallery RN. We are really pumped up about this phase of the porcine meniscal study series at MSU Farm.

Talk to ya later :).

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