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Times are changing in healthcare.

Hello, I was in Tampa last month for a weekend conference with my office manager Bridget (also my boss at home) and Kathy Armentor, Lake Area Medical Center assistant hospital administrator. The conference was a gathering of surgeons, nurses, anesthesiologists, therapists, and hospital administrators analyzing the patient experience before, during and after joint replacement surgery. We are working with this group to optimize each aspect of the patient’s experience when having joint replacement whether a knee, hip, or shoulder. Healthcare is changing. To see this diverse of a group working together on the same level, exchanging experiences to provide the best outcomes for the patient is revolutionary.

Too often I focus only on me and what I have to offer my patients. I in particular go to great lengths to prepare for surgery by learning and updating my surgical knowledge and skills, so I can be as up to date and technically capable as possible. One important change in the Affordable Care Act is holding all persons involved in patient care accountable for the overall outcome of the patient, not just their particular specialty. As the surgeon I am being tasked with leading the team to achieve the best outcome for the patient with an eye on cost control. I am excited about this, and I am hopeful that my outcomes with joint replacement can get even better!!

I want to thank everyone who commented on Facebook for all the wonderful and kind comments following the Acadiana Profile article in the Mar 2017 issue. It was a real surprise to be asked to be interviewed. Fritz Esker did a very nice job with the article, especially capturing the way we at the office feel about and treat our patients. You are not a number at our office and when you come to my office to see an orthopedist, you will see an orthopedist at every visit!!

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