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Hinton Orthopedics has made some exciting changes in the last couple of months. We’re continuing to evolve our practice and provide the best quality care for our patients while making some adjustments along the way that we’ll share with you in a moment.

But first, a little history lesson...

Dr. Hinton began practicing in Lake Charles Memorial Hospital (LCMH) in February of 1995, where he practiced almost exclusively for 12 years. In 2007, Dr. Hinton decided it was time to be independent and open a private practice. He opened up his office on Sale St. in Lake Charles and moved his surgical practice to Lake Area Hospital, where he’s been practicing ever since.

In July of this year, we made the decision to move the practice once again, and this time it’s back to LCMH! In fact, we have made an employment agreement with LCMH, where Dr. Hinton will be considered part of the staff.

Don’t worry, though. Other than Dr. Hinton’s practice now being under the LCMH umbrella, not much has really changed. In fact, the only real difference is that having an employment agreement allows Dr. Hinton to provide top-notch care for his patients without managing other aspects such as billing, collecting and insurance contracts that go along with having an independent practice. In other words, Hinton Orthopedics gets to truly focus on what matters most: our patients!

What has changed?

  • We will do most of our patients’ joint replacements at LCMH.

  • Our level of patient care will be stronger than ever, backed by a support network of LCMH’s most talented doctors and state-of-the-art facilities.

What hasn’t changed?

  • Our office location will remain the same. Dr. Hinton and his staff will still be located on the corner of Sale and Ernest St. in Lake Charles.

  • We will maintain the ability to do surgery anywhere in Lake Charles for special requests.

BUT...the biggest change of all?

Dr. Hinton is a new grandpa! His oldest daughter, Lauren, gave birth to a healthy baby boy on September 10, 2018. She and her husband Colin named the baby Cooper Alan Kirk. Dr. Hinton is extremely excited to embrace his inner grandpa and enjoy this new era of life.

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